Three Alternative Remedies That May Offer Relief From Frequent Cluster Headaches

You're sitting at your desk working diligently, when all of the sudden the pain grips you again. It's a stabbing pain, centralized behind your eyeballs. The pain makes it impossible for you to focus or do much of anything at all, and then minutes later, it subsides as quickly as it appears.  If you have numerous episodes like the above over a period of several weeks, you're suffering from what's known as cluster headaches.

Four Things To Do If You Have Gestational Diabetes

If your glucose test reveals that you have gestational diabetes, you may be concerned that it will be difficult to have a healthy pregnancy. However, most mothers who get their gestational diabetes under control have relatively uneventful pregnancies and deliver healthy babies. Check out these simple tips for successfully managing your gestational diabetes: 1. Meet with a Dietitian Many pregnant women find it helpful to meet with a dietitian to learn how to more effectively manage their gestational diabetes.

Three Steps to Making Easier Funeral Arrangements While in the Hospital

If you have a loved one who is in the hospital and may not make it much longer, you may want to get the ball rolling with funeral arrangements. While they are sick, you may be in a better state of mind than when you are grieving a new loss. The hospital is also a good place to get some help with making arrangements for a funeral. Here are three quick steps that you can take to make arrangements for a funeral while your loved one is nearing their last moments.

Find The Right Medical Equipment Supplier For Your Practice With These Questions

Selecting a medical equipment provider is a big decision for any medical practice. Doctors offices and hospitals rely on equipment to provide patients with the services they need, and they obtain their equipment from medical equipment providers. If you run or manage a medical practice that needs an equipment supplier, here are some questions you can ask suppliers to find the best one for your practice. Where is Your Warehouse Located?

4 Signs of Heroin Abuse That You May Not Expect

There are many stereotypes about what an addict looks like, especially a heroin addict. Many people expect a heroin addict to be homeless, to be covered in obvious needle marks, or to display other very obvious signs of addiction. The truth is that heroin addicts can look like anyone, even you or someone that you know. There are plenty of high-functioning addicts who manage to maintain a basically normal appearance for their friends and family.