Archive | July 29, 2014

Need New Specs? Seek Inspiration From 4 Famous Four-Eyes

29 Jul

Whether you’ve been wearing eyeglasses for decades or are just getting your first pair, choosing new frames can be stressful. Do they fit your face right? Do they match your style? Do they make you look too nerdy, but not in a nerdy-hipster-doesn’t-care-what-society-thinks kind of way? If you’re struggling to find frames that fit your […]

Hydrating For Two: 3 Reasons You Need Plenty Of Water During Pregnancy

29 Jul

Your diet while pregnant directly affects the development of your baby. Vitamins and minerals fuel the division of cells and the creation of specific organs. The most important thing you can put into your body throughout your entire pregnancy, however, is water. Consider these three roles of water and how they can improve your pregnancy […]