One Step Closer To Parenthood: Safe, Natural Ways To Increase Fertility

19 Aug

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an estimated 6.9 million, or roughly 10 percent, of women in America suffer from infertility issues. If you’re currently struggling with infertility, you might be considering a number of invasive and expensive procedures to achieve your dreams of parenthood. However, before you take this next drastic and potentially-dangerous step, try a few safe, natural methods to boost your fertility:

Eat Well, Exercise and Lose a Few Pounds

If you’ve tried almost everything to get pregnant, you might be overlooking one simple issue that you can begin remedying today: your diet and exercise regimen. According to WebMD, a fertility study conducted found that of roughly 2,000 women tested, those with a BMI (body mass index) of over 25 were far less likely than women with a BMI in the “normal” range, which is anywhere from 18 to 25, to get pregnant.

However, the same study also concluded that women who are considered underweight had even more difficulty conceiving than women with a BMI that placed them in the overweight or obese category. Increasing your chances of getting pregnant involves a combination of exercising and eating healthy foods.

On a happy note, if you’re struggling and want to splurge now and again, according to a contributor to Parents magazine eating the occasional full-fat bowl of ice cream might actually increase fertility. The writer believes this surprising increase is thanks to the positive role consuming fats has in a woman’s hormonal balance. So go ahead and eat some ice cream, just don’t go overboard!

Look to Alternative Treatments

Trying for months or even years to get pregnant can be frustrating and often very stressful, especially if your loved ones and spouse are putting pressure on you to start a family of your own. Unfortunately, all of this stress is actually making your infertility issues even worse – and since you can’t always silence your well-meaning family, What to Expect urges women to try a few relaxation techniques.

Yoga, meditation and traditional therapy are simple options that can help you both relax and hopefully, achieve your goal of being a parent!

According to the American Pregnancy Association, there is one other surprising practitioner that might be the key to improving your overall health and chances of getting pregnant: your chiropractor. Your regular chiropractic spinal alignments can actually help many facets of your health that are making it difficult to get pregnant.

The Man In Your Life

Now that you’re taking the steps necessary to improve your overall health, it’s time to get your partner on board. A few simple lifestyle changes can also improve his reproductive health, including:

  • Decrease His Stress – Encourage your mate to limit the amount of stress in his life, as well. While meditation or yoga might work wonders for you, a day at the golf range might be the best way for him to relax.

  • Keep Him Cool – Many doctors encourage men to switch from briefs to boxers because it helps keep their testicles cooler, which increases sperm count. However, in addition it’s important to insist he always stay away from hot tubs and saunas, as well. Even sleeping under an electric blanket can lower his sperm count.

  • Surprising Practices That Lower Sperm Count – From lubricants to certain medications, including several antidepressants, according to the Mayo Clinic, there are several unexpected ways your mate could be affecting his sperm count and motility.

If you and your mate both enjoy the occasional cigarette or drink, think about quitting these bad habits immediately. Drinking liquor and smoking on a regular basis both have a negative effect on your chances of getting pregnant.  

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