The Best of the Best are on the Case to Research the Modern Flu.

There is cutting edge research being done across the globe each day to better understand, prevent, treat and eradi-cate the flu.
The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease has done a recent project that maps the flu as it goes through our cells. This project will help scientist better understand exactly what happens on a micro level and our bodies’ response to each step. They discovered that there are certain proteins in our DNA that play a large part in fighting the virus.

There are labs that attack the flu virus on every level. Each aspect of the virus is being researched with the hope of finding exactly how to stop it.

The research related to the latest flu season indicates that contrary to the typical, the flu will effect young to middle age adults more this year than is typical. The good news is that researchers believe this year’s vaccine may be the best yet though, so only history will tell how this flu season goes down. The goal is to only have a short flu season, not a pandemic.

The bad news is that many people are refusing to get vaccinated due to fear, misinformation or inability to get to a doctor. The flu vaccine is not like the small pox vaccine where you get it as a child and you do not ever need it again. There are many different strains of the flu, and each year it can mutate and change. Each new batch of vac-cines is made for the strain going around that season, and everyone should be vaccinated every year. People who are very young, very old, have immune disorders, or are pregnant should take extra precautions and make sure to get vaccinated first so they are not left without protection if the vaccines run out that season.

Researchers are working daily to make sure that the flu is a word future generations use to describe an illness of the past.