About Dr. Marta Henderson

Hi! My name is Dr. Marta Henderson. I run a family practice and have an interest in educating the population about the Influenza virus. I see too many young families come in with false ideas about the flu, and received dangers of vaccinations. If more people had access to the real science that is going on behind the scenes they would be amazed at the world behind the outbreaks each year. Researchers, and Doctors across the globe col-laborate to try to stop this illness each and every flu season. There have been some good years and bad years, but the flu takes significantly less victims each outbreak than it would without the research and tenacity of a lot of people behind the scenes. When I see a new patient, like to spread the word about flu prevention through hygiene and vaccination, and dispel of some of the misconceptions about germs, and illness in gen-eral. I got into medicine because I am a healer at heart, I just needed the science to back up what my heart told me to do. I have a passion for Flu research, prevention, and treatment because I lost my Father to a case of Pneumonia he caught after the flu when I was still in Medical school. I stayed on track to become a Family Practitioner, however I became very interested in this virus that is able to still claim victims even today in countries with cutting edge medical science.