Take Action to Prevent the Flu This Season.

Preventing the flu is not impossible. Despite the fact that is seems that everyone around you has it and the germs must be lurking on every single door handle and floating through the air.

The CDC recommends three actions to get you through flu season. Vaccinate, Stay Clean, and take your anti-viral if you do have symptoms.

The Best Prevention Starts Long Before Flu Season

Vaccinations are a powerful way to prevent getting the flu and/or reducing the flu symptoms if you do catch it. Each year you see signs reminding you to get vaccinated. The shots are available at corner drugstores, and every doctor’s office. They are that important, but there is not an endless supply. Certain people who may be more susceptible to the flu due to illness or age should make it a priority to get a shot before it is too late. Everyone should try to get vaccinated regardless how well they feel because it will stop it from spreading from you to loved ones who may not be able to survive the illness.
Daily Habits Can Save Your Health During Flu Season

• Wash your hands often. Antibacterial soap and non antibacterial soap work the same according to recent research so just plain soap is fine.

• Avoid crowds during the peak season.

• Avoid people who you know are sick. This may seem harsh but it will stop the flu from spreading even further.

• If you do get sick, stay home. It is for your own good, but also the good of your workplace. The flu costs employers
millions each year because of sick days. It is better you take your days instead of spreading the illness and forcing the whole crew to have to stay home as well.

• If you do get sick, take antiviral medications. Antibiotics do not work on virus’ however there are antiviral that do help ease the flu virus and shorten sick time. The sooner you take your first dose after symptoms the better they work.
Talk to you doctor about the most recent flu vaccine and take personal precautions to keep you and your family safe this year.